Kylie + Cameron’s First Look

Antelope Island is one of my favorite places to shoot at! Well… That is when the bugs aren’t eating you alive.

Kylie and Cameron’s first look was perfect that day. Granted, it was in the middle of January, so it was a little chilly, but hey, I’ll take the cold over bugs any day!

I asked Kylie to write out her and Cameron’s love story and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever. Here it goes:

“Cam and I met through a mutual friend. At the time we lived over an hour away from each other. We communicated mainly through text one of the first things Cameron said to me was that I needed to promise not to fall in love with him. I thought he was absolutely crazy because I had just met him and he lived over an hour away so there was no chance that I would ever fall in love with this kid plus we were both about to send out, of course I promised I wouldn’t fall in love with him. Maybe a week later Cameron told me his plan in life and it basically said in a nutshell that we would go serve our missions and then we would get married. I thought he was so crazy that I stopped talking to him for that night. Quickly after that he told me he loved me but I never said it back because I had made a promise that I wouldn’t fall in love with him, until one day I just couldn’t hold it in anymore and I told him that I loved him back and we started dating. After about 6 months Cam left for his mission and then 9 months after that I left for my mission. We did call things off while we were on our mission but we still emailed almost every week. When I got back from my mission I told him I was still in love with him and if he wanted to date me again then he needed to be serious about it because I wasn’t going to do the whole going on a bunch of dates with a ton of different people. I guess that worked because about a year later we were engaged. We got married on February 22, 2019, the day we met four years ago.”

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