Sydney + Justin’s Wedding

Sydney and Justin's wedding took place in Cache Valley, in the cutest barn. They were surrounded with their family and friends for their ceremony and a reception to follow.

I asked Sydney to write in their proposal story.. get ready for the cutest proposal:

"My favorite time of the year has always been fall. Not just cuz it’s pretty but because of hunting! I was lucky enough to find somebody who loves hunting almost as much as I do. Fall of 2018 we both had muzzleloader deer tags, but did we fill them? No. The first few days of the hunt we spent passing up smaller bucks and laughing talking about plans for the weekend. One night as we’re hiking in to get to our hunting spot Justin was acting super weird and quiet. We got sat down in the perfect spot to scope the area we were hunting and the sun had started to set. I was sitting about two feet in front of Justin annoyed because he was being weird and quiet with me. And he tapped me on the shoulder and said “Syd.” Me being all sassy and thinkin something was wrong rudely snapped back “what?!” Without even turning around haha cuz I’m a brat. And he just says “Syd,” again, so I turn around to see him holding a little box with a pretty shiny ring in it. Then he asks “will you marry me?” Of course I get a few tears in my eyes and cried a little. As I gave him a hug I said “it’s about damn time, thought you’d never ask.” And him being the guy he is, during our emotional hug just says “so will you?” Haha and I said “well yeah.” Haha then whole kissing and I love you comes and then he’s like “okay shhh we still got an hour of sunlight to hunt.” That’s our proposal story!"

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