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"Never has a photographer made us feel more comfortable, confident, and so extremely pleased with the photos we received. After engagements, I knew that the rest of our wedding experience would be nothing short of incredible. I highly recommend the pleasure of booking with Kylie. Any event in your life will be elevated by her expertise!"
-Bailee B. 

"Kylie is seriously an amazing photographer!! She knows how to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in pictures and honestly makes it so fun!! I love that we have become friends since we first met!!"

-Allie M.


"Kylie is an amazing photographer! I've loved having her do all of our photos. She's done our Family Photos and Fresh 48 baby pictures! She is so easy to work with and always makes you feel comfortable. She does a wonderful job with big families! I would recommend her to anyone!"

-Corinne M. 

"We hired Kylie to take our engagements, formals and wedding day pictures. She was amazing! We had so much fun taking pictures and they turned out so beautifully! It was important for me to have good photos from my wedding day, and I was not disappointed. I'm so happy we went with Kylie and we'll definitely come to her again in the future!"

-Anne C. 

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"We LOVED Kylie as our photographer. It was a solid 5 degrees on our wedding day and she managed to get all the pictures we needed in a very timely manner (frozen fingers and toes). They turned out BEAUTIFUL and she was amazing at getting all those "candid" pictures. I will always recommend her to anyone needing a photographer!"

-Shannon C.

"My husband and I have worked with Kylie multiple times and have always been so IMPRESSED. So fun and easy to work with. I am always thrilled with the final results. She captures memories I will cherish forever. I couldn't recommend her enough!"

-Makaylee G. 


"Kylie is AMAZING. Hands down one of THE best photographers around, she knows how to make you feel comfortable no matter what. Her pictures always come back better than you can imagine because she really puts her everything into the details. She cares about her clients and the quality of her products. We love Kylie and we are so lucky to have her as our photographer!"

-Breana C. 

"Kylie made us feel absolutely special! She was willing to listen to all the little things that I specifically wanted, rather than just doing what she thought would look best! It felt really natural. Our photos turned out beautiful! Would definitely go to her for services again!"

-Audrey J. 

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 Kylielin Photography-9661.jpg

"Kylie did a fantastic job for our engagements, formals and wedding day. We love her style, personality and she is easy to work with. We are so grateful she did such an amazing job with such an important part of our big day."

-Cami O. 

"Kylie is seriously amazing. Captured my wedding day perfectly and is SO much fun to work with! Her prices are great and our pictures turned out so good!"

-Emily L. 

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"Kylie did our engagements and we love them!!! She did such a great job and she is so cute and fun to work with."

-Laurena S. 

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